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Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin fillings are tooth-colored restorations. Because they are mechanically and chemically bonded to the tooth leakage, a common problem with silver amalgam fillings, is less likely to occur.

Placing a Filling

To make the entire procedure comfortable for you, the first thing your dentist will do is make sure you’re thoroughly numb.

Your dentist begins by removing the decay or failing restoration, and shapes the tooth with the hand piece. To mold the filling to the shape of the tooth, your dentist first surrounds it with a thin, flexible band. A small plastic flexible wedge is placed between the teeth that holds it snugly in place.

Next, your dentist presses and sculpts the filling material into the tooth. White fillings harden when they’re exposed to a special high-intensity light, (while silver fillings harden on their own.)

Your dentist checks the bite with a colored tape, which shows where your teeth are coming together. She also glides a piece of floss between the teeth to make sure there are no tight spots. The procedure is then complete.

Alternatives to Fillings

When you have a cavity, you really only have two choices: postpone treatment or get a filling. The problem with postponing treatment is that a cavity will never go away on its own. It just gets bigger and bigger. It grows slowly while it’s still in the hard outer enamel. But if a cavity is allowed to reach the softer inner dentin, it grows much more quickly.

Then, the race is on to fill the cavity before it infects the pulp chamber. If it gets into the pulp chamber, you’ll need root canal treatment to save the tooth. A filling stops decay in its tracks. Your dentist removes the decay and seals the tooth with filling material. This restores the tooth and keeps your mouth healthy.

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