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Pediatric Dentistry

Our team is uniquely trained to ensure that your child receives the most advanced care during their developing years. Growing up, your mouth is at its most fragile point. Cavities and gum disease are common along with a variety of other oral problems such as childhood caries, which are specific to developing mouths. If not treated early, these problems can advance causing your child unnecessary pain and leading to more extensive treatment in the future.

Your child's baby teeth lay the foundation for a normal healthy mouth. They encourage proper chewing, help in speech development, and guide their permanent teeth into place. If these teeth are allowed to decay it can cause pain, abscesses, infections in permanent teeth, and cause your permanent teeth to come in crooked.

Aside from providing traditional check-ups, Birchwood Family Dental Center also specializes in preventative care, and begin to see patients as young as their first baby teeth start coming in! With the aide of cutting edge dental technology we are able to employee state of the art dental techniques such as the use of sealants, space age plastics bonded to the surfaces of decay prone back teeth. We also provide intensive cleanings, and oral hygiene instruction in order to set the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health.

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